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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wine Tasting, Plums Restaurant Bluffton

Found the time to slip over to Bluffton for an early hour wine tasting hosted by Plums Restaurant, featuring several of the wines in the portfolio of Advintage South Carolina.  

Wine Tasting, Plums Restaurant 10/22
I've always enjoyed Advintage's portfolio of product (wine and craft beer) as the company continues to represent an outstanding portfolio of boutique offerings, little known wineries and brewers (to me anyway) and foreign made brands (that I'd never discover on my own).  Add to that, the fact that the Advintage corporate culture oozes fresh insight much like the youthfulness of its demeanor.  Something about that, against the back drop of larger companies, just immediately earns my respect.  

What made this tasting unique is that these wines are featured in three venues run by the same restaurant group, Plums, Beaufort; Plums, Bluffton; and Saltus River Grill, Beaufort. Celia Strong (Bill's Liquor's & Fine Wines) who orders the wine for all three businesses poured for the tasting. The ten wine offering included: Urban Riesling, Alverdi Pinot Gris, Eidosela Albarino, Catena Tahuan Malbec, Peirano Merlot, The Guilty Shiraz, Simple Life Chardonnay, The Prisoner, Rombauer Chardonnay, Milton Park Shiraz. (I tweeted some comments during the tasting, you can check out that feed over at @HHI_FandB if inclined)

The Guilty, Vine Street Imports
Three wines (all reasonably priced) could very well make their way to my holiday table this year.  The three:  Urban Riesling (Germany), Catena Tahuan Malbec (Argentina), The Guilty Shiraz (Australia).  The last being my favorite of the evening. This post lacks food pairing notes.  Yes, that is indeed the case. The price to taste was reasonable and the event not promoted as a pairing function; thus, only a light nosh was provided to taste along with these wines.  I have no doubt that when next I dine at Plums or Saltus I'll find that perfecting pairing from their menus to accompany the luscious shiraz.  Or with my brisket at Christmas.

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