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Monday, May 14, 2012

To Compose or Arrange

Every now and then the terms compose and arrange are used interchangeably in the culinary world.  But they clearly represent two separate terms of engagement in the art of cooking. Using music as the dictionary to define the difference...when composing music one brings multiple rhythms together to create a musical piece. When arranging music one is preparing and adapting an existing composition for presentation in other than its original form. Therefore, we home cooks expect the world's best chefs, proficient bloggers and celebrities to present us with a dish, a recipe, or a course of food that we may adapt to fit our pantries, our personal taste, our dietary restrictions or perhaps even to challenge our own creativity.  I for one arrange a good portion of my time in the kitchen.   The Christmas-Hanukkah holiday time frame has traditionally served as my ultimate "arranging" extravaganza of the year~where I pick two entree courses unfamiliar to me and render them much to the delight of friends and family.  I'm tempted to recreate the same magic for the 4th of July this year. (Stay tuned for news in that regard to post later this summer).  Last month a title in our weekly Lowcountry Life: Food & Friends section of the local paper caught my attention and the concept of adapting a traditional favorite to incorporate craft beer just clearly, in my book, represents the artful nature of arranging for this post. Thank you Chef David Burke for an excellent rendition of the Berliner donut as the Samuel Adams Belgian Session Cream Donut! A scrumptious arrangement indeed!
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