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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sweet & Sour with

Sweet & Sour Celery, Sweet Cherry Chili Spare Ribs, Candied Lemon Peel

The contents of the refrigerator included produce that would eventually turn towards the later part of its life so their state of existence drove the menu selections for this particular spiritual Sunday. I, for one, love citrus fruits, not just the peeling of them to eat the meaty fruit they protect but also for their smell, taste and lingering aroma; thus, a candied lemon peel made it to the counter (which should have been prepared pre-season, but here it is post holiday). The celery recipe a Passover dish prepared out of season in this case (sensing a trend here) fit the tribute to sweet and sour whilst also serving as a fair accompaniment to the meat course. The pork spare ribs not out of the ordinary other than I chose cherry preserves as the sweet additive to the soy, lemon, honey, red pepper flakes, thai red chili basting and not found on I love eating with my hands (hence the no forks or spoons apply mantra) and much like licking your fingers after really great fried chicken this baste brings that same comfort experience with the ribs. I might not cook the celery to the recommended tenderness next time as I prefer more crisp texture and I might have coated the lemon peel with granulated sugar at the backend as instructed when this time I chose to let it stand on its own.

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