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Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Universal pause

Gratitude. A guy runs a red light collides with my car at a busy intersection at 4 o'clockish.
A decent human. One with a heart. Apologizes profusely and asks if I'm ok as he acknowledges his error and the damage to my car (completely taken out of commission). He asks, "Do you have someone you can call?" I respond (no) but I honestly meant to say yes, but I was so caught up in my head asking the Universe why she delivered this pause, at this time, am I not suppose to be traveling today? (NO was clearly her answer).
I was immediately feeling the bruises to my chest and legs from the blown air bags and a bit in shock, but whole, able to get out of my car and walk away (as were the dogs). So I said it (no) out loud to the conversation I was having with the universe in my head, but immediately recognized the poor man hanging on this answer ladled across his guilt. "Everything happens for a reason and clearly we were meant to pause," I say. He was taken aback by this response and said "Wow you have a great outlook." I look down at my two dogs, who seem to be asking me "is this some entertainment stop I've cooked up for them while taking a drive in the car?" I simply smile "I'm standing upright, everything's ok."
Between the very nice citizens on the scene (a beautiful woman named Mary Beth who stayed with me until the police arrived) and police officers who saw to my safety and the heavy traffic with efficiency and humanity, the ride in the tow truck cab with Aaron who just happened to love dogs and made sure Bob waited with his courtesy van to get me home, I'm overflowing with gratitude and taking the edict of the Universe to stay put to heart. Seat belts and airbags are all they are cracked up to be, while I'm bruised, the outcome may have been very different had I not had both in play.

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