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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sundays, Summer Fun and Left Over Brisket

Summertime is always a precarious time of year, but in a good way...between the opportunity to hit the outdoors, friends visiting during their summer vacations, and way too many unique seasonal offerings in the local restaurants my kitchen blog posts have gotten shuffled into a pile of "need to post at some point" material.  I'm diving down into three weeks of material to extract a really great recipe for Brisket.  I realize its not the usual summer fare you think of, unless you are cooking it on the grill of course, but I happen to love "oven made" brisket.  The Pioneer Woman says it best when it comes to brisket "have a talk with yourself about patience."  Indeed, this is another one of those low and slow routines that will be worth the wait.  I've made a recipe similar to the one posted here by the Pioneer Woman, but this time around I wanted something a little different and found a Tyler Florence recipe for Beef Brisket  that had an element of green to it.  I changed it up a bit by trading out what is surely a delicious "rosemary rub" for a pre-mix product from Salt Sisters called Tuscan Farmhouse Blend ...I had it on hand, wanted to use it and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I prefer my initial cuts of meat to follow the grain of the beer (quirky, but true) and then any left over brisket gets sliced against the grain.  A green salad, bread sticks and spicy pickles created a perfect counter of food.  And the left over meat...found its way to sandwiches, barley soup and reheats the following week.
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