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Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot Chocolate in July
Ginger Hot Chocolate 
There are times when out-of-season experiences make their way to present day existence. The crisp cool air, camp fires and comfy sweaters that typically accompany the fourth quarter months of the calendar make it ever more attractive to wrap one's hands around a steaming hot mug of something.  However, there are moments when cooler climates aren't necessary to conjure up an experience. 

That liquid “something” paired with the act of “wrapping” directly correlates with a desire to find comfort in a moment.  The act of consumption is the moment. The vessel is the target of an enveloping embrace and the content of the vessel is intended to warm the human spirit.

Chocolate with its sensual and medicinal qualities changes lives no matter the rendition of its character, but in this instance one should visualize the same spicy Mayan delicacy the character Vianne poured for her customers in the movie Chocolat where the mere consumption of the beverage set each individual on a path of relaxation bound for joy.

That about sets the comfort zone for most of us seeking to wrap ourselves in the moment, but rarely is hot chocolate a solo experience. Marshmallows rank high on the pleasure list of pairing possibilities followed immediately by crème fraiche and whipped cream. The cool light flotation of sweetness served atop the warm smooth dark essence of chocolate is visually appealing, but also renders a lovely notation beyond the eyes.  In fact, each of these delicately whipped plumes of white are the yang to the yin of chocolate.  Add to that perfect pairing a dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon or cayenne and one truly can create comfort in a moment.  
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